Year 5 cross country run

The whistle blew and Eli started running fast getting straight to second place and it was really hot and he was running really fast and he could feel the air in his lungs but kept going and stayed in second but then became third place as he slowed down a bit to catch his breath. Then a lot of other people passed him as well.


This is a personification poem that I made and it is about if pizza were a person because we had to make a poem about any object if it were a person.

If pizza were a person, he would be a boy with a dark cheesy yellow hair.

He would wear a yellow shirt with red dots and dark brown pants, he would wear dark boots.

He would smell like fresh pizza cooking in the oven.

Pizza would spend the day sitting in the Sun on the beach and would spend the night dreaming about a land of pizza.

Story Starters

Hello this is about my story starters that I did and I got words that had “oa”, “o-e” and “oe” so Mr. Hope gave us a few words to do story starters about. Story starters are sentences that sound exiting and convince the reader to continue reading the story because it sounds like a mystery.

Cloak- The man walked into his house with his cloak wrapped tightly around him because it was cold outside that night and he had to walk home from work.

Alone- The little boy got really scared at the orphanage because he had never felt so alone before.

Toe- There is a man with a hurt toe outside, should I let him in?

My Holidays

Over the holidays I went to a lot of places and the first place that I went to  was a ju-jitsu competition and went up against the state champion and lost to both of the two rounds against him. Then two days after that my ju-jitsu coaches took everyone from the club who did the comp to iplay and we were there for while. I also signed up for soccer and ended up with a pretty good team. So that was all I did on my holidays.